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Happy Mothers’ Day To All Mothers…But Most Especially Mine

Last year I made a charitable donation in my Mom’s honor for her Mothers’ Day gift and I decided to do the same this year.  My Mom had retired from her career in the education field so I donated to the global effort to increase literacy for girls across the world.  Pretty thoughtful, right?  So, I decided to make a tradition out of it and make another donation in her honor.  But this year’s donation isn’t just a kind charitable effort.  It relates to a deeply personal event for us that took place in the last year. 
Telling my Mom I’m HIV+ was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life so far.  I waited two years into having the disease before I told her for a bunch of different reasons that, basically boil down to…I was scared.  I had no clue how much my Mom knew about HIV/AIDS, so I was afraid for introducing her to this whole world of traumatic worry that comes with the diagnosis.  But, as I’m sure will come as no surprise to any of you who are Mothers yourself, my Mom was there for me.  Her support & love for me has never wavered in the slightest and there’s just not enough words for me to tell her how grateful I am to be her son.  I can’t say that I’ve been able to save her from the worry.  Unfortunately, my Mom and I have been through a lot in the past year.  Mostly, worry and dealing with the added stress & financial concerns that come with not having a job or medical insurance as an HIV+ person.
SO….that’s why I chose The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation as this year’s donation to honor my Mom.  Not only does it honor her and express in some tiny way how thankful I am, but it helps an organization founded by one of the most amazing Mothers of all-time (in my estimation) — Elizabeth Glaser.  If there’s ever been anyone touched by HIV/AIDS and done something so miraculous and life-changing for people around the world, I don’t know of them.
Happy Mothers’ Day, Mom! 

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